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Lighten up your workload with scheduling automation and fill your practice without lifting a finger.

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What can Holly do for you?

Book sessions via phone, web, text or social networks.
Capture insurance & other client-therapist matching criteria.
Coordinate teletherapy appointments for any platform.
Handle payments, reminders and schedule changes.
Offer a personalized experience in multiple languages.

How does Holly work?


1. Connect Holly to your Google Calendar and sync it with your EHR, if you use one.


2. Describe your scheduling preferences to Holly and add her to your website, phone, Psychology Today, etc.

3. Clients can now self-schedule with a conversational experience 24/7 no matter where they find you.

4. Holly will send any follow-ups you want: reminders, payments, telehealth, rescheduling, and more!

"Holly has been a game-changer for my practice. I went from stressed-out over scheduling and rescheduling to letting Holly take care of it for me." Kate Ecke, LCSW
“Now with Holly, I haven’t scheduled anyone manually for the last 3 months, everything appears in my calendar automatically.” Jacquelynne Kell, MA, LPC
Your product has reduced my stress in just two days by 60%. It's a game changer! Dr Tina Scott, LPC
"This tool saves therapists so many hours of work. The 24/7 scheduling automation was especially convenient when I was sick... With Holly, I was able to message all my clients at once and have them reschedule on their own." Olena Sowers, LPC
“Holly reduced our time-consuming activities regarding scheduling almost to zero.” Hedva Redlich, Manager Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics

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