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Book, recall, fill empty slots, and recover no-shows automatically 24/7, in sync with your calendar.

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"Holly has been a game-changer for my practice. I went from stressed-out over scheduling and rescheduling to letting Holly take care of it for me. I've saved so much time and energy."

Kate Ecke, LCSW

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Holly takes care of scheduling, so you can take care of clients

Comprehensive AI booking, 24/7

2x more sessions via automated conversational scheduling.
Book online without complexity or leakage with web scheduling.
Turn calls into new sessions, Holly can text clients that call to schedule.

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Automate your schedule with friendly AI

Personalized confirmations and payment instructions.
Auto-recall: Identify, contact, and recover lost clients and no-shows.
Online therapy coordination: send links and instructions.

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Strengthen your relationship with clients

Customizable scripts: Personalize your clients' experience.
Digital Reputation: Get patient reviews into your profiles.
Mass communication: Send service or marketing messages.

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