A patient-focused AI assistant for therapists

Automate session bookings 24/7 from calls, texts or web visits, while Telehealth, payments and custom follow-ups are coordinated automatically.

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You’re a full-time therapist. You shouldn’t be a part-time receptionist on top of that.


"Holly has been a game-changer for my practice. I went from stressed-out over scheduling and rescheduling to letting Holly take care of it for me. I've saved so much time and energy."

Kate Ecke, LCSW
The Unconventional Therapists


“Holly reduced our time-consuming activities regarding scheduling almost to zero. During the pandemic, we set up telehealth options which helped our clients to clear confusions.”

Hedva Redlich, Manager
Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics


“It’s difficult to get back to people very quickly when they want to schedule. Now with Holly, I haven’t scheduled anyone manually for the last 3 months, everything appears in my calendar automatically.”

Jacquelynne Kell, MA, LPC
Orchid Counseling Services

What can an AI assistant do for your therapy practice?

A flawless 24/7 conversational experience

Schedule via web, text or digital profiles like Psychology Today.
Book patients that call to schedule.
Send customizable payment instructions.
Coordinate teletherapy appointments.
Handle appointment reminders and schedule changes.
Offer a personalized experience in multiple languages.
Get happy patient reviews into your digital profiles.

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Leave the office on time, recover your work and life balance

Schedule appointments while in session.
Solve payment & logistic mishaps.
Forget about the hassle of teletherapy coordination.
Give a personalized, friendly experience.
Offer an outstanding service to your patients.

The perfect complement for your Therapy Software

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How Holly works?


1. Connect Holly to your digital calendar.


2. Describe your scheduling needs to Holly.

3. Holly will manage your calendar and communicate with patients.

4. You will receive instant updates on your phone.

Therapy is your superpower, not playing phone tag

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