Attract & Engage more patients 24/7 in multiple channels 

The only front-desk AI that books incoming calls, texts & web visits while managing scheduling complexity and follow-ups like a human would.

Integrated with AdvancedMD


9M+ patients served


Comprehensive AI Booking

Web scheduling: Stop losing 67% of patients that prefer to schedule online.

• Phone-to-text booking: Lighten up your call center load by 75% with AI.

• Text scheduling: Monetize Google Maps & social profiles for 2x more patients.



Automate your front desk with AI

• Effective communication: Confirmations, rescheduling and no-shows recovery.

• Telehealth: Instructions, appointment links and reminders.

• Capacity Optimization: autofill open slots, waitlist, and reschedule bumps.


Chat with Holly

Create a demo appointment as a patient would

Your patients come back and recommend you

Recall recurring and dormant patients

• Send service or marketing messages.

• Request patients’ feedback upon cancelling.

• Get happy patient reviews into your digital profiles.

reputation management

Results that speak for themselves


Nimblr’s conversational self-scheduling feature creates a frictionless way for patients to contact our officer... it has reduced my no-show rate by almost 72%.

Dr. Nadeem N. Vaidya Retina OC

Natalie Mckay

With Holly taking over our front-desk calls, we have managed to save hours and are sure our patients receive the information they need on time.

Natalie McKay, AUI Practice Manager

Holly + AdvancedMD