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Easy AI to engage patients & automate your front desk, 24/7

Our ready-to-use conversational platform automates scheduling, follow-ups, & payments with human-like logic & friendliness.

Happier Staff Better Patient Experience No apps to install

 +13M patients served 

 +1400 practices 

 +500% ROI 

 HIPAA Compliant 


 Incoming Calls Automation

Reduce front desk workload by 80%

● Switch from call to text, connected with your phone system.
● Automate incoming calls for scheduling, cancelations, and rescheduling.
● Capture 30% of patient bookings after hours.
● Take an infinite number of calls simultaneously.
● Book 10x faster than a human.

Patient Attraction

Capture increasing patient demand 24/7

● Self-scheduling synced in real time with EHR availability.
Multichannel access: incoming phone calls, website, social, search, etc.
Customizable Web Scheduler for your website.
Payments & Insurance capture.
200+ business rules - location, appointment types, providers.
Multilingual communication. 

Patient Engagement Automation

Increase effective appointments for a zero-waste schedule

Confirmations & reminders with time zone conversion.
● Automated rescheduling for patient or office cancellations.
● Autofill open slots & waitlist management
● Telehealth coordination.
● Customizable instructions per appointment type, location, or calendar. 

Revenue Retention

Enhance patient loyalty and treatment adherence

● Service evaluation & online reviews.
No-show recovery & rescheduling.
● Recovery messages for “abandoned cart”.
Recall patients who need to return.
● Feedback upon cancellation.
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"I have to say that it made a huge impact on our accuracy of the schedule. Clients can schedule, cancel or request to reschedule. I would highly recommend Holly to any practice." Trenna Sutcliffe, Founder, Sutcliffe Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics
"Our Team Loves Holly and Holly Loves Our Patients!" Supreet Shah, Clinic Director, Truspine
"I would like to take a moment and say thanks to the amazing team over at Nimblr. First and foremost the software is super simple to use. The team has your back step by step." MedWell Health and Wellness
"Could not be more impressed with this system. I do not often write reviews related to healthcare software, but I had to for this. This has been the best thing for my front desk in terms of reducing the phone call burden. Every week, we receive updates on new services offered, each of them even better than the last!" Aaron H. West
"Holly is amazing. Increased bookings. Autofill of canceled/rescheduled appointments. We have eliminated issues where people cannot find the proper telemedicine link (Holly texts them a reminder with the link 5 minutes prior to their appointment time)." Kathleen Janel
“Holly has greatly improved our staff efficiency. Our phone lines are noticeably lighter, and patients are happy they can access us at any time by texting Holly.” Shade Palencia, Practice Administrator, MetroEyeMD
"We have used Holly for a year now. We love the service. After set up was complete, Holly alleviated so much work while keeping a record of communication with patients we can verify." Matthew J Wise
"Holly has been fantastic for us and has reduced the human workload. Text confirmation/cancelations/rescheduling has been really helpful as has the online scheduling feature." Pradeep Mettu, Physician Owner, Raleigh Eye and Face Plastic Surgery
"Holly has helped my practice improve efficiency and reduce late cancellations and no shows. The Nimblr team was available to answer my questions throughout the implementation process. I highly recommend Holly for any DrChrono user!" Brent Whitley
"Using Holly since 2018... Almost six years. Its so easy to set up, customize and start using. Our phone rings about 50% less now. Basics: Confirmations via bidirectional SMS. Patient self scheduling...TRUE self scheduling, like you would book a flight." Eric Rothschild, Founder, Paragon OBGYN PA
"I really like the texting feature for accepting appointment as I feel that is the easiest way for patients to confirm as no one really answers phone calls they don't recognize the number for." Cody Baxter
"Great company, great team. Has helped our practice tremendously. Belen and Jose are true super stars and very attentive to helping you get started with them smoothly!" Natasha Motongo
"Holly has transformed our communication with patients. We are a very high volume practice and Holly has streamlined about 70% of our operations. Over the last years, our no-show rate has reduced by 56%" Cameron Vance, COO, Medical Marijuana Treatment
"Holly is a great timesaver and has decreased the amount of no-shows and forgotten appointments significantly." Adam Siegel, Owner, Modern Foot and Ankle Podiatry
"Nimblr's conversational self-scheduling feature creates a frictionless way for patients to contact our office... it has reduced my no-show rate by almost 72%." Nadeem Vaidya, CEO, Retina OC

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