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Monthly per user
100 Appointments

$0.49 per additional appointment


Monthly per user
250 Appointments

$0.31 per additional appointment


Monthly per user
400 Appointments

$0.25 per additional appointment

All Plans Include

Key Processes

✔︎  24/7 Self-scheduling from your webpage, social, Google maps, or recall campaigns.

✔︎ Confirmations and rescheduling

✔︎ No-shows recovery / follow-up

✔︎ Bumps reschedule

✔︎ Autofill open + cancelled slots

✔︎ Lost patient feedback

Other features

✔︎  Instant notifications per new appointment.

✔︎ Multichannel patient outreach

✔︎ Instructions per appointment type

✔︎ Multilingual chat capability

✔︎ ROI metrics

✔︎ Send additional marketing messages

✔︎  Fully customizable scripts

*All prices are in US dollars. All plans include the cost of the text messages (SMS).


Broadcast messages

Recall recurring and dormant patients. Automate outreach via SMS.

Available with any plan

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Your plan +

$0.05/per sms

Attract and engage more, through your entire patient journey


Online Access


Conversational Self-Scheduling

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Frontdesk automation

Patient Instructions_holly

Patient Instructions

Patient Retention_holly

Patient Retention


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